About Us


Bobby Casey – Managing Director

I am an entrepreneur, investor, and student of life. I travel the world and visit several countries each year allowing me to seek new information and opportunities that benefit both me and my clients.

I hold two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina – BS in Finance with a minor in Economics and a BS in International Business with a minor in Russian. In addition to this I hold a Masters in Entrepreneurship from MIT.

I began my first real business at age 21 in the consumer services industry. This company was grown organically and through acquisition over the years and was subsequently sold a few years ago. I have also owned a restaurant and a commercial real estate investment firm.

Our mission is to provide unique asset protection strategies to entrepreneurs and investors. We have partners spanning the globe who are experts in their respective fields of asset protection, offshore banking, wealth management, offshore trust management, offshore company formation, residency, citizenship, and privacy.

Our belief is that through pure capitalism, the world prospers. We provide methods that allow our clients to maximize wealth and minimize risk. Entrepreneurs and investors are the drivers of the world economy. Wealth creation and preservation is the only way to truly improve the world in which we live.

Bobby can be reached at bobby@globalwealthprotection.com


Adam Wolf – Director of US Operations

Adam Wolf is the ‘stage name’ of a wayfaring, intellectual adventurer who puts a premium on personal privacy and eschews the public eye. Adam grew up in America and now lives in the United States (there is an important, philosophical difference) where he is licensed as both a commercial realtor and private investigator. His career in these two seemingly unrelated fields has taught him the importance of a properly structured asset protection strategy and, at all times, using every legal means necessary to conceal the true ownership of one’s assets.

Adam grew up in Texas and has taken that “Texas spirit” with him as he moved around Central and South America, before returning to his home state to get a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from a private university. He is a peaceable citizen of the world who believes fiercely in voluntary contracts, personal privacy, the Golden Rule, guns (lots and lots of guns), and the natural right of man to be left alone by their government. It goes without saying that he conducts his business with the utmost in privacy, integrity, and discretion.

Adam follows the anarcho-capitalist path and believes there is not a legitimate function of government that cannot be performed by a private enterprise cheaper, better, and faster, and there are very few legitimate functions of government.

Adam can be reached at adam@globalwealthprotection.com


Steven Hilgart – Director of Marketing and Conference Operations

Steven Hilgart is a lifelong martial artist having trained with some of the best on the planet, holds a 3rd degree black belt in Karate and a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and achieved 2 national titles in competition.

He was born with entrepreneurial blood and has launched several businesses. An expert in the areas of personal development, psychology, and peak performance for athletes and business people – his biggest passion is helping people succeed. He often speaks to large audiences where he has motivated thousands with his speeches, classes, and training for entrepreneurs and business people to troubled youth.

His personal philosophy is that of growth. “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” His stories and attitude have inspired people to change their lives and reach for the next level. “What people can do is amazing.

What people will do is usually disappointing… my goal is to show people they are worth so much more than they realize. Get them to reach, grow, expand, and I believe that when you are growing – THAT is when you are truly happy. If you’re unhappy – it’s time to grow.”

Steven can be reached at steve@globalescapehatch.com


Paul Seymour – Director of Client Services

Paul obtained a BBA from the University of North Florida in August 1987, and performed an internship with the current firm of Ernst & Young before returning to UNF for post graduate studies in accounting. After his daughter was born in September of 1988, he returned to Ernst & Young as a staff auditor.

Paul began his career as a staff accountant in Florida with the current firm of Ernst & Young in January of 1989, and successfully completed the CPA examination in 1990. After completing five years with the Big 4, he then accepted a position as CFO of a privately owned mid-cap furniture manufacturing entity in December of 1993.

Having modernized the accounting and finance functions of this organization, his yearning for international travel took him back to the Big 4, this time to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here, as an assurance Manager, Paul was overseeing and training a staff of local Saudi CPA’s performing audits of organizations which were required to report under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in addition to US GAAP.

This transitioned into a role as Assistant Regional Controller at Lucent Technologies which was in the process of winding down USD 5 billion in projects in the post Gulf War era. In this role he managed a large team of several different nationalities, and was promoted to Sr. Manager – Middle East Regional Controller.

Since then, after spending a year travelling in Southeast Asia, he’s permanently relocated to beautiful, and upcoming Colombia, and has gained experience in Medellín as a Controller in a gold mining operation, and became a Colombian citizen.

Paul can be reached at paul@globalwealthprotection.com