How To Create Your LLC with Rock Solid Protection from Money

Grubbing Lawyers, Desperate Ambulance Chasers, and Other

Vicious Scavengers All While Increasing Your Business’ Bottom


Statistics show if you start a business, any business, at one point you will be sued.  The reason you create an LLC is when the inevitable happens, you and your family are protected. But not all companies are created equal.  Did you know that it only takes about an hour for someone to find every asset that you own?  And trust me, if they can find it, they can find a way to take it. The neat thing about a Private Wyoming LLC is that it has many benefits.  With a Private Wyoming LLC you get:

  1. Complete Anonymity.  In Wyoming, there are no recorded names of members or managers of the company.  Even *if* someone found the company, they would have no idea that you own it.  This creates a very unique veil of privacy you can’t find hardly anywhere else.
  2. No State Tax.  With your Private Wyoming LLC you will have to pay less in taxes from day one because there is not a Wyoming State tax for your company.
  3. Simple Filing Upkeep.  Unlike most states, it is very simple to keep up your Private Wyoming LLC.  You will experience headache-free filing.
  4. Ability to File an Operating Agreement.  You can use an Operating Agreement to tell courts and judges exactly how your company reacts to disputes or lawsuits.  (Global Wealth Protection has our own proprietary agreement that has been tested and bullet proof)


Our Offer To You

We want to file your Private Wyoming LLC for you.  Our experts will handle all of the paperwork flawlessly.  We will also include some of our proprietary legal documents that make sure your company is practically bullet proof from lawsuits or judgments. Not all companies are created equal, but when you purchase your Private Wyoming LLC from us you will have the peace of mind that it has been done right. Here’s a list of what you get what you register your Private Wyoming LLC:

  • Prepare and file articles of organization with Wyoming Secretary of State.  We handle all of the paperwork for you.  No need to deal with the State as long as we’re on the job!
  • Resident Agent Service as required by Wyoming State Law.
  •  Global Wealth Protection’s proprietary Bulletproof Operating Agreement.  The operating agreement is effectively the private contract between you and your business.  In provides clear instructions on how to handle situations like lawsuits and disputes.  In absence of an operating agreement you are placing yourself at the mercy of the courts.
  •  Permanent and Encrypted storage of your files.  Not only can you access your files in case you lose them, our storage is extremely safe with 256 bit encryption.  No one will be able to access them but you.
  •  2 Hours of free consultation time with our experts on the proper use of the LLC (including other tips and tricks for protection and wealth creation!)
  •  Electronic delivery so you receive your filings almost instantaneously instead of waiting for weeks for paper in the mail.
  •  Free subscription to our weekly asset protection newsletter – you can keep up on current events in the protection world.  When something changes, you know about it and you can adjust your strategies immediately.


What Will This Do For You?

Statistics show, if you start a business (especially a successful one) you will more than likely get sued. Besides the rock solid protection the Private Wyoming LLC offers you are going to save time by having us do it, you are going to save money from future lawsuits or disputes, and you are going to sleep better at night knowing you and your family are well protected.

What Does It Cost?

A Private Wyoming LLC is slightly more than filing with the State yourself, but it is extremely reasonably considering the fact that if you file by yourself without a proper operating agreement, and without proper counsel, and without the safety and security – you are leaving yourself open to serious problems. But to list off all of the things you are going to get with your newly formed company here we go:

  1. Preparation and filing articles of organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State — $150.00 Value
  2.  Resident agent service as required by Wyoming state la— $150.00 Value
  3.  Proprietary Global Wealth Protection Bullet Proof Operating Agreement  — $950.00 Value
  4. Permanent and encrypted storage of your files in the event of loss  —  $100.00 Value
  5.  Up to 2 hours of consultation time to assist with proper use of LLC — $500.00 Value
  6. Free “Gold and Silver Report” showing you how to protect your wealth in the upcoming monetary crisis —  $300.00 Value
  7. Free “Privacy in the Digital Age Report” showing you how to safeguard your identity and your data on the internet — $200.00 Value
  8.  Free subscription to our weekly asset protection newsletter (opt out at any time)   $$$Priceless$$$
  9. Creation and Quick Electronic Delivery via PDF — $90.00 Value

Total Package Value:  $2,590.00 Your Price TODAY is only $1297.00

What You Need To Do Now

Click the purchase button below and fill out all of the information.  The filing for your Private Wyoming LLC will be started immediately. The entire process including filing, creation, and getting the final information from the State takes approximately two weeks.  We will be in touch during this time to give you a play-by-play and answer any other questions you might have.


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